The subnet mask is applied to the packet. what subnet is the packet sent to?

Answer There isn't enough information given.

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What would the subnet mask for I.P.

How to Find My IP Subnet Mask?

The subnet mask, also known as a network mask, is a special number assigned to a network of computers connected to a router via Ethernet cable or wirelessly. The subnet mask assigns and names the p... Read More »

A network on the internet has subnet mask of What is maximum no. of host it can handle?

Maximum number of host that network with subnetmask : = number of host bits are 2^12 - 2 = 4096 - 2 = 4094 hostsregards

How to Find Your Subnet Mask?

The subnet mask is a computer generated number that identifies the network to which an IP address belongs. This allows your computer to determine if it is speaking with another computer within the ... Read More »