The sony ex3 is £5k. Can I get 120fps for around the same price?

Answer A standard NTSC DVD camcorder would record 30fps interlaced, which is effectively 60fps, so perhaps 60fps is not that impressive...But I would be very interested to see any proper answers to this q... Read More »

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Sony Sony MiniDV video camera model PD 177 Price in India?

Which camcorder should I buy Sony HDR SR5 or Sony DCR300 There is about a $20 price difference.?

go with the Sony HDR SR5. For that price difference, it cant be beat. Besides standard definition is slowly going out and you will be glad you went with high definition. Make sure your computer can... Read More »

What is the price of sony xperia p?

as low as 15,989 rupee and US dollar 294.58

What is a good price for Sony earphones?

DVD players can be small enough to use while mobile. Headphones provide a means to insure privacy while enjoying the playback. Most DVD players have standard headphone jacks, so your Sony headphone... Read More »