The smell of Clorox burnt my nose Cm?

Answer A one time exposure isn't bad, no. Stay away from chemicals as much as you can though. Maybe set up a nice lawn chair out in the garden/front porch when cleaning activities are due, and read a book... Read More »

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A plastic bottle cap touched the element in the dishwasher Now I cant get the burnt smell out And when I use it the dishes now have a burnt smell Will baking soda hurt the dishwasher if I use it?

Its about 80% likely depending on what dishwasher you have but it doesnt hurt to try once.

When you go in your house and you smell burnt plastic and you don't know where the smell is coming from but you know it's not the dishwasher what do you do?

What is the best way to get rid of a burnt smell ?

If you have carpets sprinkle bicarbonate soda on them, leave for a bit and hoover. Or as the guy above says scented candles. Hope all is ok there now over the shock. The burnt smell will jus... Read More »

What happens if you smell burnt plastic?