The sims 3 update "Invalid file found" error!?

Answer ok so ive been working on this so far becuase i had the same problem and it was really bugging me, ok go to your sims 3 folder and go into /Game/Bin. There click on the "default icon" with a little... Read More »

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Problem attaching file that I scanned. I put extension of pdf. Error message file invalid specified. How to?

Most likely what you scanned was NOT saved as a PDF file.

AVG invalid update control CTF file?

Deleting the corrupt .ctf files fixed it for me. No need to uninstall.Just delete (or rename) the .ctf files located under:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg8\update\downloadT... Read More »

Invalid Update Control CFT File, AVG 8.0?

You need to delete the CTF temp files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avg8\update\download.... Dont delete all the .bin files in there unless you want to re-run all updates... Read More »

AVG Free - How to fix "Invalid Update Control CTF File?

Delete all the *.CTF files in your C:\Users\All Users\avg8\update\download directory then try updates again. You should be okay now.