The side of my neck is real sore, what could it be?

Answer It could be an inflamed lymph node. If you have an infection of any kind, the lymph nodes filter the infection. But they most always become enlarged and tender.

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Could it possibly be meningitis if an 8 year old girl has a sore neck but can make her neck touch her chest though says it's sore to do so and does have energy unlike question about 6 yr old?

Answer It would be impossible for anyone to make an accurate diagnosis through the Internet, so you should take your child to the doctor. Even if it turns out to be something as simple as sleeping ... Read More »

The gums around my broken tooth is VERY swollen and my neck and throat are sore. What could be the problem?

You could very well have an abscess. Get it checked out.Go to another dentist.Make a payment plan.

What could a small lump be on the left-side of your 19-month-old's neck?

Answer Young children often develop swollen lymph nodes in this area following a bad viral infection or ear infection on the same side as the lump. Lymph glands filter out "poisons" from infectio... Read More »

What could it be if you have swollen lymph nodes on the left side of your throat and a sore ear?

Normally yes, But I once knew a kid who either was only impaired in one eye, or was blind in one eye. he wore dark specs - one lens Black the other normal eyeglass type it was weird looking, like a... Read More »