The seller must provide the buyer of a condominium with?

Answer The answer to your question is going to be different in every state and nearly every county and community where you propose to purchase a condominium. A local real estate agent can help you underst... Read More »

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When the seller or developer failed to deliver the condominium unit due to non construction of the project what interest rate the developer must pay to he buyer for the amount they paid?

Your answer is contained within the purchase agreement that you signed originally.

What Are the Duties of Seller & Buyer?

A business transaction brings together two people: one seeking to acquire a property and the other seeking to dispose of it. The relationship created for the purpose of this transaction requires ea... Read More »

When Selling a Car, Does the Seller or the Buyer Smog the Car?

The buyer of a vehicle is required to smog the car if smog certification is a state requirement for new vehicle registration. If the seller's smog certificate was issued within close proximity to d... Read More »

How do I fill out a buyer and seller real estate contract?

Filling out Real Estate ContractsGo over the contract carefully to ensure that you understand it. Fill in the legal names section for buyer and seller in the right spots. Input information about th... Read More »