"The proxy server is refusing connections" PLEASE HELP!?

Answer To disable proxy use in FireFox you will need to do the following:1. From the menu bar click the "Tools" drop down menu.2. On the "Tools" drop down menu, click "Options".3. You will be presented wi... Read More »

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"The proxy server is refusing connections"?

You should NOT be using proxy servers. Got to Internet settings in control panel. Then connections, then LAN. turn OFF any reference to proxies, configuration files or similar.

Coaxial vs. Optical audio connections... which is best for DVD help please...?

From my professional experience, the durability of coax vs the cost of fiber optic is the only reason to recommend coax. The expensive part about fiber optics is the terminations, the ends, but why... Read More »

I need anonymous proxy sites ASAP ! please help .?

You need to realize that school computers are for school work and not goofing around on myspace. You are violating school computer usage policy and will get detentions, suspended or banned from usi... Read More »

Please anyone I really need a proxy server or something because i need to get around homesafe, its really piss?

Tor Browser should be able to get around it with not much trouble and make anything you do fairly anonymous.