The price for condo in palm west village 1?

Answer A local realtor can answer your question.

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Is the West African raffia palm tree used for palm wine?

The raffia palm (Raphia hookeri), also known as the Ivory Coast raffia palm or the wine palm, is one of a species of palms of the genus Raphia. Native to West Africa, the raffia palm provides vario... Read More »

Where is Caribbean Palm Village in Aruba?

The Caribbean Palm Village Resort is located at 43-E. Palm Beach Road in the town of Noord, on the island of Aruba. The resort is about a 20 minute walk from Palm Beach.References:Wiley Publishing:... Read More »

What is the name of the little village that grew into the biggest city on the west coast in the US?

Um...Los Angeles. But it sounds like you already know that.

What to do in West Palm Beach Florida?

You can do dozens of great things, but make sure you get to the water.…