The prefix trans in trans-seberian railway means A. From B.betwwen C. Across D. Into?

Answer C

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How long is the trans-siberian railway?

Spanning the country of Russia, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway system on earth. Though this system also has two other main branches, the Trans-Siberian Railway branch itself is e... Read More »

When will the Trans-Sahara railway be finished?

its scheduled for completion on the same day as cross Bering Straits railway bridge, February 30th 2025

In what city does the Trans-Siberian railway end?

The Trans-Siberian railroad or railway starts out in Moscow, Russia, then crosses the entire territory of the Russian Federation through Siberia and ends in Vladivostok, on the country's Pacific co... Read More »

Where can you buy travel insurance for a trip from Japan to UK on the trans-siberian railway?