The percentage of kids go missing a day in Canada?

Answer most of the time idon't tell my parentscause idk how theyregunna react!!!!!!so its kinda your callbut if u do decide to tell themsay there is this guy that likes meand i like him back and he askedm... Read More »

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What is the percentage of kids who use cell phones in Canada?

In Canada, approximately 61 percent of children between 12 to 19 years old use cell phones, according to Natural News. This number has increased in Canada over the past decade. Statistics for child... Read More »

What percentage of the energy in Canada comes from wind turbines?

About 1.1 percent of Canada's total electricity demand is met by wind turbines. Wind farms throughout Canada have a capacity of 3,472 MW. Canada plans on building enough wind turbines to supply 20 ... Read More »

How can you prevent kids from going missing?

Well for one (and this is common sense)You keep an eye on them at all times.You should always know were your child is going and were they are with currently.You should know who your child is with a... Read More »

What percentage of children live in two-parent homes in Canada?

According to the 2006 Canadian Census, 80.3 percent of children aged 14 and under lived in a household with two parents. This includes married parents and common law parents. The percentage of chil... Read More »