The one minute cure...the secret to healing virtually all diseases?

Answer If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Those scamming and exploiting desperate and vulnerable people in this way are beneath contempt, despicable.Sometimes (and probably also in your book) it is p... Read More »

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What do you think about alternative methods of healing of incurable diseases?

Hi, I am now in remission from an incurable auto-immune disease. I tried almost everything and spent a lot of money. Reiki helped short-term but more for de-stressing. I think you have to "clean... Read More »

Are you a healing practitioner What is the best healing book you know of?

1) The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas Cowan, MD (anthroposophical medicine, with sections on causes of disease, and the need for animal food and healthy fats, which are amongst the BEST I have... Read More »

What are the three ways infectious diseases and noninfectious diseases are alike?

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Relationship between non-infectious diseases and degenerative diseases?