The name of the legal rental contract?

Answer It is usually the most expensive heathcare choice but offers the most flexibility =]---emmy g

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What does the term"LDW"mean on a car rental contract?

"LDW" stands for "Loss Damage Waiver." LDW covers loss of use of the rental car should it be damaged in an accident. In case of an accident, not only is the renter responsible for any physical dama... Read More »

Is a rental agreement a contract?

A rental agreement is a contract, as the renter agrees to adhere to the guidelines listed on the agreement, and agrees to make payments accordingly. If renters do not adhere to the specified guidel... Read More »

How to Break a Rental Contract?

The apartment that seemed so great on the walk through, turns out to be a dump: the carpet smells, the upstairs neighbor has a drum set, the neighbor next door burns his dinner every night and some... Read More »

How to Cancel a Rental Contract?

Rental contracts are drawn up to ensure tenants and landlords know and agree to their rights and responsibilities involved in the leasing of a property. They usually have a specified period of time... Read More »