The name of the career for delivering babies?

Answer Answer obstetrics

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What is the name of the only US President to postpone delivering the State of the Union address after learning of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster?

Ronald Reagan. He planned to give it on January 28, 1986, but after hearing about the disaster, he postponed it for a week.

What was the name of the movie that Oprah Winfrey starred in at the beginning of her career?

How can you become an adventurer as a career and is there a root career for such a thing?

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What would you name quintuplets (5 babies!)?

1) 5 boys.2) Dillon, Dean, Devlin, Denton & Dexter3) Dillon, Elliott, Fenton, Grey & Harris.4) Fenton, Quinlin, Grey, Zachary & Vaughn5) Alexander, Elliott, Isaac, Oscar & Oliver.6) Dillon, Fenton,... Read More »