The mouse on my computer is clicking automatically, how do I get it to stop?

Answer I'm guessing it's a hardware problem. I don't think it has anything to do with the operating system or software. You might need to get your touchpad fixed if that's what's causing the problem.

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I keep getting clicking noise when ever mouse clicks on somewhere. how do i stop it its driving me mad?

Go to Start / Control Panel / Sounds & Audio Devices / click on the Sounds Tab go down to sound schemes and click on windows default and hit apply...if that doesn't stop it do the same thing again ... Read More »

How do I stop my DSL computer from connecting to the Internet automatically?

DSL (digital subscriber line) service is access through existing copper phone lines. In most cases, DSL access is automatic when you boot up your computer. You may want to disable DSL connectivity ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Double Clicking Mouse?

Using a double-clicking mouse on your computer causes the mouse to click twice when you have only clicked once. This can result in you opening up programs and files you did not mean to. The problem... Read More »