The most stupid, unhealthy Wendy's commercial yet!?

Answer No it is not. Advertising is used to attract attention and even in your case, it did. Every non vegetarian person you complain this to will now know about or remember Wendy's even if they did not s... Read More »

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Yeah, a got a question. how do i turn that stupid GAP commercial off, i am really getting sick of it.?

GOOD QUESTION!!! Its really annoying me. Yahoo answers get rid plz!!!

Is it unhealthy to get most of your calories from alcohol?

Yes it is very unhealthy. Other than the long term health effects of heavy drinking (like liver disease, oesophageal cancer, etc.), people who drink alcohol to a point that it replaces a significa... Read More »

Most annoying tv commercial?

Do you remember this one from 1979, it was so annoying it achieved 'cult' status and quadrupled sales in the ten years it was televised.…

What's the most annoying commercial on tv?

Jitter bug, Jitter bug.....Jitter BUhhh Uhhhg!