The most interesting thing happened to me....?

Answer First, if she is coughing on her own, she doesn't need the Heimlich maneuver. When someone is moving air in and out of their lungs (coughing), the body will take care of itself. The Heimlich is f... Read More »

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What is the most interesting thing about rockets?

My personal opinion is that the most interesting thing about rockets is the concept of the rocket itself

What is an interesting thing to look up on Wikipedia?

Depends what you call interesting really, but try and get your head round 'The grandfather paradox'.

The scariest thing that ever happened to your kid.....?

My sisters little boy nearly died about a year ago. He was stood on the toilet seat lid, trying to brush his teeth ready for bed, when his leg slipped off, he fell onto the bathroom floor, and his ... Read More »

What is the worst thing that has happened to u?

I had to have my entire stomach removed because it was destroyed by previous surgeries. Now I have to drink liquid protein and take special vitamins as I am unable to get any nutrients from food. T... Read More »