The main food that is making Americans fat?

Answer I think that it is high fructose corn syrup. It is in everthing packaged especially junk food and it turns off the signal to your brain that you are full so people keep eating way to much food

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What is The main foods of americans..?

there is no "American" food cuz they eat things from different cultures (the main ones are Italian and Mexican, and Asian foods)

If I am making a savoury cheesecake as a starter, what would be the appropriate main course to follow?

Remember that you can offer as many courses as you like- I mean that the next course doesn't have to be some kind of heavy meat and 3 veg thing. I would suggest after such a filling and tasty start... Read More »

Americans and indian food?

I LOVE Indian Food!And, BTW, I am an American and I DID grow up eating spicy food! I grew up in the southwest eating Mexican food, jalapenos, and salsa, We also ate a lot of Thai food with those li... Read More »

Why do a lot of Americans think that British food is so Bad?

Probably because Americans only started to visit Britain in the 1950s, when there was still food rationing and catering was nationalised. Secondly, as George Orwell observed, you almost never find ... Read More »