The loss of water vapor from a plant through its stomata?

Answer The process of water loss through the stomata of the leaves is called transpiration. The stomata of a leaf are usually found on the underside of most leaves and each consists of two curved cells. ... Read More »

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What is loss of water from stomata in plants?

Water loss from the leaves through stomata is called what?

On a hot day would you expect the stomata on a plant to be open or closed?…Stomata open during the day and close during the night, although certain succulents which are native to hot, dry conditions have a reversed rhythm to enab... Read More »

What Happens to Air Containing Water Vapor?

All of the water on Earth is in constant motion, including water vapor in the air. The water cycle, sometimes called the hydrologic cycle, explains this movement. Within the water cycle, air contai... Read More »