The location(x,y) dont save in c#?

Answer Where are the variables X and y? Are they class member variables? (And why is one upper case and the other lower? You should try to be consistent).If X and y are member variables, and there is no o... Read More »

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I dropped my fone in the toilet and i dont kno wat to do to save it!!! ?

Well you should have not turned it on, it might be fried now. Also did you have insurance on the phone?? If you did you might be able to get a new one for $50!! Anyways here is what you do take the... Read More »

Im 16 and ive been sexually abused you dont talk to your mom but you dont want to let them go?

I been there first things first is you need to tell if not your mom then a teacher it will be hard but in the end you will be better and get the help you need I know you think the whole school and ... Read More »

I am a girl and i dont have my period yet and i am scared and dont know what to do when i get it?

You didn't mention how old you are. Some girls have their period at age 12, some get it at age 16. I had it at age 16. So, there is nothing to worry about it. Just take it easy. If you are older th... Read More »

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