The last time you were in hospital, was there a nutter in the next bed to you?

Answer Well I was on duty last night at the hospital and one patient kept rambling on about England winning the world cup? I guess that could equate to being a nutter!

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Does time go by fast for were 19..bamm!! next thing you know..your 30 or 40?

1.) Yes, I do miss those days when the only thing that worried me was the way mi abuelita (my grandmother) in Puerto Rico came running out of the house screaming because I was trying to get on a ma... Read More »

Does anyone know if there were any Infants switched at birth in 1967 to 1968 in Maynard Hospital Seattle WA?

There isn't one on Starchoice. Theres other ABC channels. Everything but ABC family..

WHEN was the last time, you were DRUNK?

When was the last time you were the happiest?

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