The ipod touch will not charge or respond to touch?

Answer Trying phoning apple if not try restoring it.

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How is it that some phone touch screens only respond to human touch?

Well, some touch screens are pressure sensitive, but the ones you're talking about are heat sensitive. They only react when touched by a temperature above "xx" degrees.

Why does the ipod have a frozen screen will not respond to touch or when it is plugged into somethin that charges it?

Just let the ipod die out of battery then plug it back into its charger. When you let it die, it will black out and change its screen. Then you can plug it in and let it charge. I've been having th... Read More »

Why won't my Ipod Touch charge?

make sure everything is plugged in all the way. sometimes it might be frozen so maybe you should let it sit and completely die or call the apple store and find out some troubleshooting tips on how ... Read More »

My iPod Touch is dead and won't charge?