The iPhone application that repeats you?

Answer The maps are created by computer i guess like they draw the streets and stuff and other maps like Google Earth are made by satellite, it takes pictures of the earth from up in space.

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Is there an iPhone app that voice records and repeats?

Not 100% sure on this, but you should be able to use the Voice Memos app that comes with the phone, sync that to iTunes & then sync it back on as an audio file in the music app which you could put ... Read More »

Who sings the song that was used on Detroit 187 that repeats it don't mean a thing to me?

Hi you have a cool application on my iPhone and wld really like to copy the pages on my iMac any way to do that?

IPhone application that locks the SMS like everytime i goto the messages have to type a passcode?

Yes, and unlocking it allows you to use other service providers.