The huge virus on April first?

Answer Your best bet is to go to the link on the bottom and download the program, it's one of the best anti-virus programs there is and it's running on a 90 day free trial.The virus you're talking about i... Read More »

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How can I be immune to that virus tomorow (April 1st)?

To be immune to the virus(Conficker), various sites first tell you to have the security update patch for Windows. It does not assure you to be safe from the virus.The best way to be safe is to down... Read More »

Is the “Conficker” virus a april fool joke?

yes, i believe it is...check out some of the web sites infotmation...go jesus..god rocks! :)

Whats this virus/worm thats going to happen on april 1st?

The worm you are talking about is the HIGHLY DANGEROUS, evolved version of the Conficker worm, called 'Conficker C' which was recently given the nickname "April Fool's Worm".What it does is that it... Read More »

Is my computer safe!! APRIL FOOLS VIRUS!!!?

the only thing you really need to worry about to protect yourself from THIS particular virus is to make sure you widows secrity updates are all applied. If you have the security updates applied, t... Read More »