The higher the calcium,the yellower your teeth become(especially Asian).Is it true?

Answer calcium defenetly doesnt make your teeth yellow , improper oral hygiene and certain foods cause yellow stains , intrinsic yellow stain may be due to higher levels of fluoride in teeth

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Is it true that your jawline will become a little smaller if you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

I recently had a large wisdom tooth removed from the top left and I reckon maybe it makes my jaw look very slightly smaller.AnswerThe most common reason of wisdom teeth extraction is that the jawli... Read More »

Is it true that one of the signs of pregnancy is a higher temperature and if so what does your temperature usually run when you are pregnant?

AnswerHello -No this isn't true. Some women do claim their temperature increases by a few degrees when they conceive but there is no actual medical proof of this. During the evening the basal body ... Read More »

Yellow teeth are more healthy than white teeth, how true is it?

Yes, they are actually stronger than white teeth

Is it true that on braces light colors make your teeth look yellow?

Well thing you should know about getting light color they might wear out a little more than the darker colors but it's fine they might make your teeth look a LITTle more yellow but if you want li... Read More »