The guy you like really like someone else how do you get pass emontional hurt?

Answer This is always difficult. Give your self time. try some type of grief ceremony, where you can symbolically let him go. Talk to your friends about this and see what they have to say. You have choice... Read More »

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How does an 14-year-old boy get an 14-year girl to like her if she already like someone else?

Not to be mean, but if this girl likes this guy, don't be a home recker. Another girl will come around. Just think of it as not meant to be.

Help my period cramps hurt so mch i feel like i'm gna pass out?

Take ibuprofen and a warm bath with salts.

How to Get a Girl to Like You when She Likes Someone Else?

Have you ever seen a good looking girl and then later figure out that she's taken? It happens a lot! This article should help you with taken girls. You need to prove that you are better then her cu... Read More »

How to Not Be a Jerk if the Girl You Like Is With Someone Else?

Here is some dating advice for a particular problem that many people encounter. You may not a rocket scientist but that's good, since love and dating aren't a science. Hope this helps those of you ... Read More »