The gum around my two baby teeth have swollen and the gum on one of them has receded?

Answer Umm...You might want to consider going to a different dentist..because, your teeth are not ok right now, yes, he is right about putting in the implants at a later time but what about right now. It ... Read More »

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I have a boil or something on my belly, and it's swollen and puffy around it.?

Spiders are not really the biters people think they are, and the majority of people have some reaction to black widow bites, possibly even severe.Boils are nothing like spider bites, but many peopl... Read More »

Do you have to be put to sleep to have your back teeth out or can you you have them out with a local?

%REPLIES% Answer It depends:Assuming the back teeth you are describing are your Wisdom teeth.Depending how many need to be extracted, and if they are impacted, some denists would reccommend you go ... Read More »

My tonsils are swollen and have white on them - they hurt very bad.. What can I do for the pain?

Gargles, Antibiotics, doctor's advice everything is OK, just for immediate relief suck Bennylet (benzocaine) lozenges.Good luck!

When you have stitches around your stomach does it burn while you have them in?

Should not burn, call your DR maybe infected?