The grille on one of my speakers has a small tear, should I worry?

Answer No, the mesh is there basically to make the speakers look better, it gives them a finished look. I used to have speakers that had removable covers, and I suppose there are ones that are produced li... Read More »

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How many hours does it take to tear out&update a small bathroom?

It is impossible to predict how long it will take to remodel a bathroom. Variables such as humid weather, mold, water damage, workers' skills and even unrelated distractions, like family problems, ... Read More »

If my contact has a small tear in the side, can I still wear it?

You can, but it may get annoying. Its completely safe.

How to Repair a Small Tear in a Leather C-5 Corvette Seat?

The leather interior of a C-5 Corvette provides a durable and comfortable seat covering. Sharp objects, such as car keys, will damage the leather if you are not careful. Repairing a tear in a leath... Read More »

I want small speakers. which ones shall i buy?

Well, if they are going to be small and cheap, then you obviously can't expect them to sound good. So I would recommend taking ergonomics into consideration. What will fit well in your laptop bag... Read More »