The future of video cameras?

Answer NOTE: Long, possibly boring technical discussion. Bear with me here, though. There's lots of info.More and more, camcorders are going to need to interface easily with computers. That used to be ... Read More »

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What's the future look like for cameras?

What you'l, likely see more of is high resolution shots in smaller packages. Recall that Nokia just 2 years ago had a camera over 2× their newest release, and it couldn't take up side down SS or s... Read More »

Will there be 20 Mega Pixel cameras in the future?

Hasselblad have already released a few model which has more than 20 megapixel. The H3D-39 even have 39 megapixel resolution.Canon 1Ds Mark III have 21.1 megapixel resolution. I think up to this poi... Read More »

Can you please provide me some information regarding digital cameras & video cameras?

Maybe these will help:Which Digital Video Camera Should You Buy?…Careers in Television and Video Production: How a Video Camera Workshttp://www.associatedc... Read More »

Please answer this if you know about video cameras and video editing?

Hello, the best possible way to do this is to first plan out how you are going to shoot the video. Once you are finished shooting the video go over to your computer and instead of making a dvd out... Read More »