The facebook can not open have a error please help?

Answer Maybe you entered an incorrect email and password. If you forgot your passwor you can change it by clicking reset password and just follow some intsructions.

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Facebook Checkpoint Error / Error 500 / Login Error?

I have tried the refreshing trick but it doesnt work for me:( Im so frustrated its been for a week already...anyone whose fb is still not working?guys, try press forget the password and then search... Read More »

Having "connection error" on my Facebook mobile. Starts to load then goes to error.?

I'm having the same problem! It shows me the news feed for like a second then says "connection error" and when i click to refresh it doesn't work :/

I am not able to use IE. Every time I open it I get an error and once I click ok on the error IE closes?

you can do 3 things1. Format your c drive with bootable win.Xp cd2. U can use other browsers like chromeand firefox3. You can report it to microsoft by sending error report

Facebook sms error that i get?

1st of all you have to go to setting and verify your number thn only you will be able to use tht sms service