The end of my headphone's plug broke of in the computer jack, how do I get it out?

Answer If there is not enough to grab with pliers, use a small sewing needle. stick it in the center of the broken piece, where the wire goes in the middle. Pull up on the needle, while pulling out at the... Read More »

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Does anyone know of software to manually control the Audio-Out jack on your computer to be able to switch from headphones to speakers without removing the headphone plug?

When I plug in my headphones there is a problem on the mp3 Player where you plug-in the headphone jack wire?

Where do you plug in headphones jack on IPOD nano?

No iPod has any speakers, so you will need either the supplied earbuds or some other headset, or else a docking station with speakers, These are widely available.

The headphone jack on your computer cuts in and out. There is nothing wrong with your headphones as it happens no matter what headphones you use in the computer. What is wrong and how do you fix it?

Step 1. Throw your headphones out the windoes Step 2. Go to the store and buy a new pair Step 3. Open the box and watch the magic happen