The dumbest injury you or a friend sustained?

Answer My husband (normally an intelligent and reasonable man) fired a staple gun into the palm of his hand to see whether or not it was loaded. It was. "Hello? Hello? Anyone home in there?"My father ... Read More »

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What should I do about a wrist injury I sustained at my gym?

Nope, they aren't automatically liable for it. Like you said, it could happen anywhere. If hubby is right, and it does NOT need treatment, then in a couple of days, it will be much better. But, ... Read More »

Is my friend going to be okay after his head injury?

Unfortunately, only time will tell with this kind of injury with both the memory and the "getting back on his feet." Good luck to both of you!!

I got a injury/cut while shaving my privat part ,penis.blood flow from it,injury is deep,i feel shy of consult?

make sure the bleeding stops. keep it clean and covered. and let it heal. unless you can't stop the bleeding you don't need to go to the doctor. you'll be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, but i... Read More »

How to Play Sustained Chords on Guitar?

A sustained chord is a common, but technically incorrect, name for suspended chord. This type of chord removes the third note from a chord and replaces it with either the major second or perfect fo... Read More »