The drawer doesn't even acknowledge the disk?

Answer first reboot (restart) the computer that sometimes sorts the problem outif your computer is a desktop computer and the DVD drive is faulty new drives aren't expensive at around £20 to £30 in Engl... Read More »

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Why doesnt my pc acknowledge my printer being connected to it?

maybe its not turned on or it does and u dont know it ...

Android mid intex envy doesnt turn on even if it is fully charged?

It sounds like you may have zapped your phone, maybe scrambled the BIOS or something....see if you can externally update the BIOS of the phone to copy a new clean version back onto your phone from ... Read More »

He said he wants to know me better but he doesnt even call me on the phone?

he is probably busy doing his research. After he obtains as much information about you as he can, i am sure he will call.

My computer doesnt recognize my camcorder, even after i installed the CD that came with it!?

Member since: December 16, 2006 Total points: 2,856 (Level 4) Points earned this week: --% Best answer snowwillow20 I wish video camera companys would inform people that video will not download p... Read More »