The doctor found a tumor on my leg "shin". He diagnosed it as a lipoma tumor. Shoud I be worried?

Answer No, don't worry. These are usually quite harmless and the doctor will only remove it if it grows too big or is a problem cosmetically.

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Im 14 and worried about a brain tumor?

Try not to worry too much as you do not know anything for certain just yet. What 14 year old doesn't forget stuff? Stress can sometimes cause you to get in a muddle with words or to not think clea... Read More »

Wait six months for biopsy after tumor found in breast?

It's the old Wait and See what happens approach . . happens during cancer treatment too . .and is fine if you happen to have a slow growing tumor. But if the cancer is aggressive and fast than wait... Read More »

5 year old girl, just found out she has a large tumor that is attached to her back.?

Oh my!! I cannot help you with treatments. I so, wish I could! I am so sorry this little one has to go through another battle!I want to let you know that I can help by praying for this child! I wil... Read More »

Is this a tumor?

Get to a dermatologist and get it checked out, hon...better safe than sorry!