The current number of amendments to US Constitution?

Answer There are currently 27 amendments

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How can I transfer my number to a new cell if the current number is under someone'e name?

If the service is metro, you will need the other account holders birth date, full name, and security code in order to full close out their account and open new account in your name.

Why is that ROTC is a violation of section eighteen number 2 of article 3 in the Philippine constitution?

Students who are contracted ROTC cadets pay for very little in college. A full ROTC scholarship includes: tuition and fees, $600/ semester for books, and a monthly spending stipend of $300-$500 a ... Read More »

What is the current number of US military personel?

The address for a military wife and non military husband should be: Mr. John Doe & Sgt. (or whatever her title is) Jane Doe.

What is Ariana Grandes current phone number?

911. Ask them where Ariana is, they might say you're crazy or say that you're using their number for the wrong reason. Don't listen to them, ask for Ariana, they're hiding her. If they hang up cal... Read More »