The credit on my edf energy prepayment card is runing out ,Anybody can help?

Answer Keep the fridge door shut... until you can get some more money.It will be fine..Fridges are designed to manage for some hours without power.. provided you don't let any heat in !! and it is not tha... Read More »

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Anybody have a credit card reader (swiper) for their pc?

Does adding your child to a credit card help his credit score?

The idea of adding your child to your current credit card is commonly referred to as "piggybacking." While this used to help build credit for your child, it no longer does. You can, however, open a... Read More »

Does a prepaid credit card help your credit?

On One Hand: They Can HelpPrepaid credit cards, also know as secured credit cards, can help your credit. These cards require a cash deposit up front, so they operate as a sort of debit card with fe... Read More »

Can Anybody Help Me With A Memory Card Issue?

get you data from your memory car to your pc as not your memory card problem.its on your phone, it might have some interfacing problem with memory card. i should be a hardware problem.som... Read More »