The crazyest thing u have done when drinkin?

Answer Said yes to my ex-husband's marriage proposal. I stayed drunk until after the wedding. Sobered up and filed for divorce.

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How does one scan a thing and have it sent in email , if you do not have a scanner can this be done by fax?

Take a picture from your phone and email from there?

Whats the stupidest thing you have ever done?

Well I guess as a kid I jumped off the barn roof with a propeller on my hat, with an umbrella just in case the hat did not work. the propeller did not work but the umbrella did to a point! In my le... Read More »

What's the stupidest thing you've done when drunk!?

Nearly as good! I graduated then decided to get wasted and of course naked. Problem was it was in the centre of Wolverhampton at four o'clock in the morning in a fountain. My mates bless 'em ran... Read More »

What is the most difficult thing you have done today?

5 hours of ironing....yes ladies, a man who can iron....