The cover project, does anyone know of any online printers?

Answer Google Cloud print is an online printer

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Does anyone know anything about printers?

A lot of times the printer head gets clogged. I suggest you unplug this printer from the computer, and from the AC source of electricity. Open the printer. Take the ink cartridges back out. Obtain ... Read More »

Does anyone know of any good home printers that are relatively cheap to run?

Right now Epson is having a blowout on the 5-color R280 for $60. It even prints on DVDs.…As someone who was in the computer hardware business for years (th... Read More »

Does anyone know what station project 9-6-1 is on for Satellite Ratio?

That station's never been on satellite radio.

Does anyone know how I can switch my printer to "online"?

Make right click on printer driver , select option use printer online.. and then try printing.. if thats fails.. u will have to delete the IP port ... under ports tab in properties windows...and th... Read More »