The cost of the production rose 30% if the new cost is $3.90 per unit, what was the old cost per unit?

Answer take $0.39 ( 10 percent of $3.90) multiply by 3subtract the answer you get from above answer from $3.90this will provide the answer to your math problem.You need to do your math problems yourself... Read More »

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What does a self storage unit cost?

The monthly cost of a self-storage unit depends on the size of the unit. A 5x5 foot unit costs between $40 and $50; a 10x15 foot space costs between $75 to $150; and a 10x20 foot storage space cost... Read More »

How much does a central air unit cost?

According to, central air-conditioning systems for homes that are about 2,000 square feet, with preexisting ducts, range from $3,500 to $4,000. If ducts must be added, the cost rises... Read More »

How do I calculate cost per unit?

Calculate your total cost associated with producing or acquiring the units within a given time frame. Calculate total cost by adding fixed costs, such as materials, labor and business lease payment... Read More »

How much does a 3.3 ton air conditioning unit cost?

According to the air conditioning vendor Alpine Home Air Products, a 3.3 ton air conditioner costs around $2,042 as of July 2010. The next larger and more common size, 3.5 tons, ranges in price fro... Read More »