The coolest music video ever?

Answer Uhhm Arian, I need a little help from you. Can you flag and report this question for a second!…

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What's the coolest music video you have ever seen?

cant stop - red hot chili peppers…

I need to know how to make a video out of video clips and music kinda like a youtube video?

If you have a windows based PC you can do it with Windows Movie Maker!! Good luck!!

How many gigabytes in a video Like say a 2 hour movie or a 3 minute music video?

You can figure approximately 4.7 gigabytes for a 2 hour DVD and around 10 megabytes per second for a 3 minute video, on average. There's really too many factors to consider, like full video encodi... Read More »

How to Download Music and Video in Firefox With Net Video Hunter?

Is Firefox your favorite browser? And do you like watching videos? Then this may be for you!