The condiment "KETCHUP" where did the name come from?

Answer The most popular theory is that the word ketchup was derived from "koe-chiap" or "ke-tsiap" in the Amoy dialect of China, where it meant the brine of pickled fish or shellfish. Some people prefer t... Read More »

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Where did the idea for ketchup packets come from?

In 1943, Leroy L. Salfisberg received a patent for his “Package Openable by Tearing,” a disposable method of packaging commodities. Building on this idea, Dominic A. Sinni patented a non-porous... Read More »

Where did the name Bryant come from?

The name Bryant originated in Ireland. Believed to be of Old Breton descent, the name is a derivative of the name "Brian" and means "bringing honor or dignity" in its basic form.References:Surname ... Read More »

Where did the name Snickers come from?

According to Mars, Inc. and its affiliates, Frank Mars invented the candy bar Snickers in 1930. Named after a favorite family horse, each Snickers bar is packed with 16 peanuts, nougat, caramel and... Read More »

Where did NOFX's name come from?

The California skate-punk band NOFX found inspiration for its name from a now-defunct Boston hardcore band called Negative FX. NOFX guitarist Eric Melvin said the name NOFX is meant to symbolize th... Read More »