The condiment "KETCHUP" where did the name come from?

Answer The most popular theory is that the word ketchup was derived from "koe-chiap" or "ke-tsiap" in the Amoy dialect of China, where it meant the brine of pickled fish or shellfish. Some people prefer t... Read More »

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What is one condiment you won't eat on a hamburger?

Can I use gochujang like a regular condiment?

It is a bit strong and salty, you could mix it with other things like mayo, ketchup or in chopped onions for topping hot dogs, hamburger or sandwiches

What is your favorite condiment on a hamburger?

Your friend asked this man who had aids for ketchup that was in a bottle-She touched the ketchup itself.-She touched the remote control and then I touched it and then I masturbated-Do we have aids?