The computer cannot detect a camera or scanner. ?

Answer Hi PeterYou didnt mention the make ormodel although I would suspect it is a HP. Un-install all the software to begin with.Power up the scanner but do not plug in the usb port or whatever. Start you... Read More »

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Computer won't detect camera?

did you turn the camera on? Well if you did, then i cant help sorry >_

Why won't the computer detect the Canon Digital Camera?

Mary was not canonized. She was created by God as a saint since she was to be the mother of His son.

How do you put pictures on the computer without a scanner or a camera?

Take your pictures and stick them in the CD drive and then close the CD drive. The computer will know how to read the pictures.

In my computer, there is no option of scanner and camera wizard in accessories menu?

Plug in a scanner or camera and the wizard will automatically start - they are not stored in the Accessories folder because they are not meant to be routinely used by you.