The computer I'm using right now is being weird...?

Answer Did you have music playing before?Try pressing 'Ctrl + Alt + Delete' at the same time and open the task manager. The music might be "hidden" in another window. It happens sometimes if it doesn't cl... Read More »

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I keep getting all of these weird and perverted pop ups on my computer. how do i take them off?

Do a virus scan first. Another option is to go to and click on free services. There is a feature called "house call" which is free and is a very comprehensive virus and spywar... Read More »

Why is my computer screen so weird?

Try connecting it to another monitor, if it works you know it was your monitor. But if it doesn't work then you need to replace the graphics card in your computer. Good Luck

My /computer /is /acting /really /weird!!! PLEASE HELP?

Looks to me like your keyboard is messed up. Try plugging in an external keyboard and see if that works out better for you.

Very weird computer problem! Help !?

If it works properly in Safe Mode, it sounds like a driver that isn't loaded in Safe Mode.Are all your drivers installed and up-to-date?Hope this helps.