The children's rhyme that goes..?

Answer 5,6,7,8, hurry up or you'll be late9,10 you're thristy again.

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What's the rhyme that goes with the circle frog game?

i know it i think!down by the riverside a hanky panky where the bullfrogs jump from bank to bankysinginge-i-o-ahjump in the riverbankkerplop!is that what you're looking for? another one we did like... Read More »

Why is ring around the rosey a childrens song/nursery rhyme?

The other answers explain a lot, but there are other versions of the rhyme, which you could probably find online. "Ashes ashes" was thought to come from "Atissue Atissue" (which had nothing to do w... Read More »

What does "pop goes the weasel" mean in the nursery rhyme "all around the mulberry bush".?

...... in North America, the opening line was generally "all around the mulberry bush," possibly due to conflation with the similar tune "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush." In the UK, however, it... Read More »

What is the song called that goes along with Google goes under sea article in bbc?