The cheapest place to buy a decent camcorder for a skateboarder. under 150$?


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Where's the cheapest place to buy a camcorder online?

If your going to buy a camcorder online, I would definitely suggest amazon. They have some of the best prices and many customer reviews.…

I wanna buy a decent camcorder, what should I buy?

2.4 inch 5.0 Mega pixels Solar Powered 4X Zoom DV Digital Video Camera , Max pixels: 12.0 Mega pixel$99.991) 2.4-inch LCD Display 2) Lens f=8.4mm; F=2.8mm 3) 4X digital zoom 4) Picture: support JPE... Read More »

Decent Camcorder Quality!?

Here's a list of current camcorders and their review ratings:, a larger image sensor size would result in higher video quality.

Could i get a decent camcorder for betwween £400-£500?

I just bought my first camcorder for holiday and university related purposes. I looked around for AGES and the best deals that I found were actually in Jessops. They have a good range of camcorders... Read More »