The brightness on my hp mini is not working!?

Answer Press Fn+(F3 or F4 or other button that have brightness mark ) at the same time.

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How to Get Opera Mini Working on Your Phone?

Opera Mini is a third-party web browser for your cell phone which works in addition to, or as a replacement for, any browser that is pre-installed in your phone. It provides a full web browser on m... Read More »

Your invert mini is on semi auto but is working like its on full auto how do you fix this?

the selector switch to your gun has been broken and needs to be replaced i had an M14 and M4 both do this to me

Which mobile phone is better Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini or mini pro?

experia mini pro is far better, has a brilliant slide out keyboard. very nice phone.

I have 30 mini DV tapes of raw footage - should its backup be on mini DV or hard disk?

Holy crap! 30 tapes? You need approx. 540 GB of storage, then some more for editing.You'd need a lot of hard drive space. How do you plan on editing without the entire collection of tapes on a har... Read More »