The book or the pen is in the drawer or are in the drawer?

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How to Turn an Old Desk Drawer into a Pullout Drawer for a Keyboard and Mouse?

If you have an old, well-worn desk that you hate to part with but that is incompatible with modern technology, there is a way to retrofit the front drawer so it can be used with a computer. The bes... Read More »

How do you fix the drawer on your Memorex MVBD2520 Blu-Ray Player The disc drawer is stuck in the open position I kinda know what's wrong with it but I can't figure out how to fix it?

Unless there is something stuck in the CD tray or the gears are jammed, you should be able to engage the gear to close the drawer by pushing the drawer closed (not too hard) with your hand.

How to Become a Better Drawer?

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What is a warming drawer used for?

A warming drawer is used to keep food from getting cold. It can also be used to heat up food plates or to finish cooking a dish while the oven is utilized to cook something else. Cooking drawers ar... Read More »