The blood vein popped in my eye, what should I do?

Answer You have had an obvious injury to your eye. It will heal in 2-3 weeks completely. This has happened to me several times. If it doesn't heal, then you should definitely see an eye doctor. Eye drops ... Read More »

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I think I popped a vein.?

^ really alondra -__- yes there is, or else there would be a "injury" category, as well will "first aid" , "health care" ect. But Eric idk how to help you D: .. exept for is the Area around it bulg... Read More »

Hand/Vein swollen after blood test?

No, the fluid was normal saline and will be absorbed without problems. Just apply a cold compress to prevent a bruise and quit squeezing it.As a nurse, you can't hit the vein on the first try ever... Read More »

A safe vein to cut (need the blood for an art project) without needing stitches as a result?

Back of the calf. Once you've got your blood, apply pressure to the wound, and keep it above your head-level. Maybe sit it on a table while you sit in a chair. Drink plenty of water. I wouldn't sug... Read More »

Is it true that the blood in a humans vein is actually blue before it gets in contact with oxygen?

Blood is *never* blue. Blood is described as dark red (venous) or bright red (arterial). Our veins look blue because we are looking at them *through* our skin. The blood inside them is dark red ... Read More »