The best way to treat growing pains?

Answer i had someone bring in their 12 year old daughter who had leg pains so bad at night it woke them up. the mother gave them tylenol. the m.d. told them it was "growing pains". they got their upper ne... Read More »

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How do u treat Growing pains in 3year old kid?

Growing pain is not considered as a disease. Many children complain of leg pain usually in the evening. Massage of the legs using some pain balm may suffice. Just plain massage also gives relief. A... Read More »

How do you get rid of growing pains?

15 and have growing pains?

I'm not sure why dr.'s would say that you are growing in only a few places at a time, it doesn't make sense unless they just don't know the real reason. Back pains are caused by pinched muscles in... Read More »

Why do you get growing pains?

I suppose its because different parts of the body can grow faster than other parts at different times and so subtle as it is, maybe one body part that's growing faster than another might push again... Read More »