The best thing for taking heavy oxidation off of copper but leave it looking nice?

Answer Scrub the copper with liquid Barkeeper's Friend. Liquid Barkeeper's Friend is a cleanser available at Home Depot. It's miraculous stuff for removing oxidation.Just squirt some of the liquid Barkeep... Read More »

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How to Fix Heavy Oxidation on a Car?

UV rays and the elements break down the paint on your car and cause oxidation. Heavy oxidation makes your car's paint dull, flat and chalky. Washing and waxing your car won't remove the oxidation b... Read More »

Is this camera good for taking nice photos?

Funny, you don't care about quality but care about nice photos! I think you don't care about camera build quality!!This is a nice camera. Don't go with what others have to say. Samsung makes nice c... Read More »

Can I leave Easy-Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner on overnight?

You can let Easy-Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner sit overnight (considered eight hours or more). This allows the cleaner to break down grease and grime. After letting the cleaner sit overnight, wipe th... Read More »

What are you having for teasome thing smells nice""?

You have a good sense of smell :-)I found some frozen lasagna noodles in freezer and a bit of leftover frozen spaghetti sauce...So I am going to defrost and make something which might resemble Lasa... Read More »