The best setting for the t77?

Answer There really isn't any such thing as a "best setting" for taking a picture - much less a "great" picture.Situations and conditions are too vast and varied for anyone who isn't standing right beside... Read More »

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Best TV setting for my blu ray?

Set the BluRay to output 1080.Then use a Pixar BluRay disk and go to the video setup menu on the disk. You will find test patterns and instructions on how to properly set the brightness, contrast a... Read More »

What is the best setting for the canon SX30 and I need to know the specific settings like do I put it on P or M and then what aperture or shutter speed is best?

It all depends on the light levels as it will constantly change, it's all physics

The Best Color Setting for a GOM Player?

GOM Player is a free media player that is compatible with Microsoft Windows. While no color settings are suitable for everything GOM Player does, you may need to make changes to its properties in o... Read More »

The Best Practices in the Classroom Setting?

Teaching isn't an easy job, but it's truly one of the most rewarding. Through years of teaching, instructors have built up arsenals of what they believe are the best practices to employ in a classr... Read More »